In 2017, the National Youth Service carried out 5 Regional Meetings/Stakeholders Workshop across the country, where all 47 counties were represented by specific regions. The purpose of holding these meetings was to showcase the success stories of the Youth Empowerment Programme, and also to receive feedback from the stakeholders in order to help improve the initiative, roksa porno. For each of these meetings, we had beneficiaries of YEP telling their stories about how the programme has impacted their lives, and their encouragement to young people to join.

In attendance for these meetings was the Senior Deputy Director General, other NYS directors, Commandant College, Regional Commanders, Wad Commanders, Representatives of Huduma Kitchen, Elders Representatives, SACCO Leadership, youth officers, the Business Development Support team, the team from Price Water-House Coupers, and most importantly the youth in business. The meetings were held in Gilgil, Kwale, Bomet, Chuka, and finally Nairobi.