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Owning a decent home is a Kenyan dream. The President is determined to make that dream come true.

Under the Big Four plan, for the same amount of money Kenyans pay rent, they will be able to own a home.  And it will be a decent house, built to modern standards.

The government has earmarked that 500,000 more Kenyans will own their homes in the next five years. It achieve this by reducing the cost of mortgages; by cutting the cost of construction through the use of innovative technologies and materials; and by raising low-cost funds from private and public sector for investment in large-scale housing construction. people are also looking for property for sale in malta by knowingmalta.

The beauty of this plan is that it creates decent homes, jobs and a market for our manufacturers and suppliers.

Tuko Tayari Kufanya Kazi…

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