~ Food Security(NYS)

Since independence, Kenyans have sought to ensure that all our citizens enjoy food security and proper nutrition. While the government has made good progress, the challenge, however, remains yet fully conquered. It is time to address, once and for all, the multiple and inter-locking factors that leave too many Kenyans at risk of hunger.

The government will bring targeted taxation to bear to put idle arable land to use. It will continue to encourage and facilitate large-scale commercial agriculture to diversify our staples through irrigation and other technologies.

It will protect our water towers. Small-scale farmers will receive better extension services and market access. Subsidies will be redesigned to improve food yields and production quality. With the private sector, it will deal with the challenges of distribution, waste, storage and value addition that have so long hampered production.

Tuko Tayari Kufanya Kazi…

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