Manufacturing (NYS)

In the first pillar of the Big Four, jobs will be created by expanding the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing is about believing that we, as Kenyans, can be competitive and ambitious enough, to make products that are as good as any other in the world.

Experience in other parts of the world indicate the central role small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) play in an economy. Here in Kenya, the bulk of employment comes from SMEs, which are an important contributor to our gross domestic product (GDP). The President’s plan is to create an additional 1,000 SMEs focused on manufacturing: they will have access to affordable capital, skills and markets; and they will accelerate the growth in manufacturing, upon which the success of the Big Four depends

The government will support farmers to plant cotton, which the government has guaranteed to buy. Rivatex, Kenya’s premier textile manufacturer has been revived, and the government will now give incentives to investors to build more modern ginneries and textile manufacturing plants.

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