Bankable Institution Architecture

Bankable Institutional Architecture speak to internal restructuring of the service to enable it to deliver on the 5-point vision sustainably. To ensure sustainability focus has shifted to commercialization of NYS activities such as agribusiness, garment making and engineering technology. Beyond sustainability the activities aim at contributing to the Big Four Agenda being articulated by the government.

Tuko tayari kufanya kazi…

Restructuring of NYS and Capacity Building

Development and Strengthening of Systems, Project and Financial Management agency, Internal Human resource capacity development ,Buy Kenya Build Kenya.

Commercialization of NYS activities

Textile and Garment Making Factory – commissioned by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta in January 2018, Has 13 stitching lines with a capacity of 2,422 pieces per of uniform per day, 200,000 NYS uniforms produced thus so far all uniform is internally produced, 100,000 pairs of beddings produced, Kenya Defense Forces Order of 20,000 pieces

You should also know

We have Water Bottling Plant in Turbo to be operationalized in March after final inspection by the relevant authorities, Solar Park in conjunction with Belgian Firm to be installed in Kirimun Field station for power generation and livestock agribusiness, Commercialization of all arable farms – plans for Yatta Complex – Ndalani Grape Farm, Lambwe Valley ongoing. Plans for production of rice, maize and cotton in Tana Delta and Galana ongoing.

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