Paramilitary Training

NYS recruitment is carried out twice a year. It exposes N.Y.S. trainees to strict discipline, dedication, perseverance, persistence, courage and commitment to higher ideals.

The training also provides a platform to instill national cohesion and patriotism. The training culminates into a colorful and joyous pass out parade which is presided by His Excellency and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, Republic of Kenya

Tuko tayari….


  • 2014- 2016 – Yearly intake of 21,870
  • 2017 – Yearly intake of 30,000
  • 2018 – One intake of 16,000
  • Total 67,092 youth recruited into NYS

Pass Out

  • 52,524 have passed out and transitioned to offer national building services and vocational training
  • 15,461 passed out in February 16th 2018 to transit to national service
  • 16,000 youth to be recruited in March 2018.

Basic Skill Set

  • Basic paramilitary skills
  • Physical training
  • Mindset training

Basic Skill Set Cont...

  • Security and counter-terrorism
  • Social transformation (life skills, patriotism, citizenship)
  • Disaster response

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